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LLOYD MILLER, Swing and Jive, Jazz

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Swing, Jive, Bebop and hard Blues from the 40s;
P.O. Box 526362 Salt Lake City, UT 84152

About SwingnJive & L.A. Blues
LISTEN TO SWINGNJIVE (20 sec. mp3) & on JazzScope
The recent swing dance explosion, which will always linger somewhat since it represents an important of our music and dance history, has catapulted certain bands to the forefront. One musician who has been playing Swing, Jive, Bebop and hard blues since 1950 and makes it his mission to represent these styles in their original exciting form is Lloyd 'Zoot' Miller who founded SwingnJive and L.A. Blues to meet a need for these genres in Utah.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So what type of music do they play? LISTEN TO "KANSAS CITY" (20 sec. mp3).
Swing favorites from the 40s; Jive and Bebop from the Parker, Gilespie and early Jazz at the Phil eras; hard driving blues from the 40s and 50s.

What's the SwingnJive/L.A. Blues repertoire? LISTEN TO L.A. BLUES (20 sec. mp3).
A: Route 66, Kansas City, Stormy Monday, I Ain't Mad at You, Work Song, Lester Leaps In, SwingnJive Boogie, Honeysuckle Rose, Dancing on the Ceiling, Undecided, Sunnymoon for Two, C Jam Blues, I Got Rhythm, In the Mood, You Donno Baby, Tico Tico, Papa Loves Mambo, One Note Samba, Night Train, etc. LISTEN TO SWINGNJIVE (40 sec. mp3).

The Players
SwingnJive and L.A. Blues draw on a revolving roster of the best available players:
David Halliday, Dave McConkie or Ray Smith (tenor sax); Dan Henderson, Nate Botts, Lisa Verzella, Dick Skillicorn, etc. (trumpet); Alisha Ard or Russ Germer (trombone); Jesse Crosby (guitar); Lloyd 'Zoot' Miller, Merrill Smith or Stan Seal (piano); Evan Coombs, Lars Yorgason or Ben Johnson (bass); Dave Murphy, Ken Breinholt or Cliff Smith (drums); Sister Maryam Muhammad (vocal) and dance teachers/demonstrators can be included.


L.A. Blues
'Zoot" Miller playing bebop in 1950

Miller's Worldclass Jazz Quartet

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