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Enjoy examples of great jazz and diverse ethnic music on

W o r l D a n c e
Nov. 8, 2002, 7 p.m.
U of U Kingsbury Hall

Featured at the 18th annual WorlDance concert were the U of U Character Dance Ensemble, BYU Folkdancers, Dionysius Greek Dancers, Eastern Arts International Dance Theatre, Persian dancer Banafshe Sayyad from Los Angeles, Persian traditional musicians nei and kamancheh expert Mohammad Nejad and zarb player Shirzad Sharif from San Francisco, santur player Dr. Lloyd Miller and choreographies by the 2002-2003 Tatiana Popova awardees: Melanie Hawkes - Persian miniature, Megan Mathes - Georgian and Leslie Palza - Tajik.

U of U Character Dance Ensemble in Persian piece "Vahishta"

U of U Character Dance Ensemble cast at Worldance 2002

U of U Character Dance Ensemble performing Georgian suite

Persian Musician Mohammad Nezhad & Popova awardee Megan Mathes

Dionysius Greek Dancers at Worldance

folkdancers from BYU performing Turkish suite

WorlDance 2001
      The Eastern Arts 17th annual WorlDance concert (2001) featured a Persian miniature creation called "Vahishta" by U of U Character Dance Ensemble choreographed by Katherine St.John and Heather Falten. This dance creation brings to motion metaphysical concepts from Persia's rich cultural heritage traversing two and a half millenia performed to music by vocal master Parisa and instrumentalists from the Center for Preservation and Propagation of Iranian Music. Heather Falten received the 2001 Tatania Popova award for her solo and choreography on this piece. The concert featured an Armenian Choreography by Melanie Hawkes for which she also received a 2001 Popova award.

U of U Character Dance Ensemble, Uzbek

Special guest vocalist and saz expert Latif Bolat from Turkey enchanted the audience with Sufi song texts mainly from Yunus Emri.

HEAR Turkish musician Latif Bolat (20 sec. mp3)

Multi-instrumentalist Dr. Lloyd Miller played at the concert which was offered through support from ASUU; Utah Arts Council; Salt Lake City Arts Council; National Endowment for the Arts and WESTAF; Salt Lake County Zoo Arts and Parks program and Utah Humanities Council.
     Included in the project was a Noon Concert on November 7 at 12:00 noon in the U of U Olpin Union, then a lecture demonstration on November 7 at 5:30 in the BYU Kennedy Center followed by a concert at the BYU Museum of Art on Thursday at 7:30 PM. Latif also offered a lecture demonstration at the U of U Marriot Library auditorium on November 8, 2001 at noon.

HEAR Mongolian dancer/vocalist Saren GaoWa

     These outstanding programs represent some of the finest in traditional ethnic arts that Utah has to offer. For more information about the WorldDance concert and events
phone 485-5824.

Eastern Arts and U of U CDE Performed at Opening of World-Fest

Eastern Arts works with the University of Utah Character Dance Ensemble (CDE) and Eastern Arts director Katherine St.John has set 6 dances from the Persian world sphere on the CDE dancers. CDE member Heather Falten co-choreographed the Persian miniature dance "Vahishta" and Melanie Hawkes helped choreograph the Armenian dance. For the opening week of World-Fest at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, the 12 dancers from CDE along with two native Persians, one native Mongolian dancer, an native Uzbek percussionist and two American instrumentalists performed 5 programs a day for three days. The group was well received and represented countries and cultures whose endangered dance forms are rarely seen in America.

Eastern Arts & CDE in parade at World-Fest in Branson, Mo.
Qashqai: Eastern Arts & CDE in Branson, Mo.
Persian miniature: Eastern Arts & CDE in Branson, Mo.
Kurdish: Eastern Arts & CDE in Branson, Mo.
Afghan: Eastern Arts & CDE in Branson, Mo.
Turkish: Eastern Arts & CDE in Branson, Mo.
Armenian: Eastern Arts & CDE in Branson, Mo.

  •    For the 1999-2000 school year, Eastern Arts was awarded a sizeable NEA Artsreach Grant to take music, dance and crafts to the far flung reaches of Utah.

  •   Since 1999, Katherine St.John has been very successful on the Utah Arts Council Artists in Residence roster and is available for educational, fun and exciting dance projects in Utah schools.

  •   Folkdance Fever/WorlDance Coalition: An exciting coalition of three local groups, the Character Dance Ensemble, Narodna, and IDT, Folkdance Fever has represent traditional dances on the Utah Performing Arts Tour.

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