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WorlDance 2007
November 8, 2007, 7:30 p.m.
University of Utah Kingsbury Hall Concert
for details call Eastern Arts (801) 485-5824

World Dance Fever

Utah Performing Arts Tour
July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007

For booking details contact:
Utah Arts Council (801) 236-7544 or
Eastern Arts (801) 485-5824

  • Eastern Arts
  • Character Dance Ensemble
  • Dionysius Greek Dancers
  • Folklor Latino

Featuring traditional music and dance of Persia, Turkey, Afghanistan, the Caucasus, Turkey, Central Asia, Mongolia and more.
P.O. Box 526362 Salt Lake City, UT 84152

Co-unded by: Artistic Resources for Students and Teachers (ARTS Inc.);
Chamber Music America; PARSA; Utah Arts Council & National Endowment for the Arts;
Salt Lake County Zoo Arts and Parks; and Salt Lake City Arts Council.

LISTEN TO PERSIAN MUSIC: Dastgah Shur (20 sec. mp3)


About Eastern Arts

Authenticity & respect for ethnic traditions
Eastern Arts strives to preserve and propagate only true authentic music and dance of Eastern cultures. Any creative endeavors based on traditions would need to be in the spirit of the tradition eschewing any Westernization, modernization or show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I see Eastern Arts perform?
A: See events schedule or call (801) 485-5824 for performance information. You can see the group in Utah schools and other venues in Salt Lake and Utah.

Q: Are they available for hire?
A: They play for ethnic festivals, schools, residencies, etc. See contact.

The Performers
Katherine St. John
      Ms. St.John holds a Master's degree in Persian from U of U, a Masters in Folkdance and Dance Pedagogy from BYU and completed course work tawords a PhD in dance theory at UC Riverside. Her masters thesis at BYU was on Afghan dance based on study with Herati dancer and vocalist Setara now residing in Canada as well as information from Afghan Herati dutar master Izatullah Mujadeddi and other Afghan natives. Ms. St. John and Eastern Arts are on the Utah Arts Council Artists in Education Roster, the Artistic Resources for Students and Teachers (A.R.T.S. Inc., formerly Young Audiences) roster and her Eastern Arts group was on the State Office of Education Ethnic Artists Bank for several years. She has taught folk and Eastern dance at UCR, BYU and U of U and in many elementary schools. She choreographed for Utah Opera, U of U Character Dance Ensemble and was a member of Ethnic Dance Theater of Minneapolis, Ethnic Dance Ensemble of Nevada, was in Avaz International Dance Theater for a short time and worked with other groups. Her expertise is dance of countries once part of the ancient Persian empire. She plays percussion instruments in the Eastern Arts ensemble.
      Ms. St.John has also successfully expedited cultural projects funded by Utah Humanities Council including a photo exhibit and discussion on the Iranian cummunity in Utah entitled "Persian Profiles," a panel on the problems in Afghanistan after the Russian withdrawal and other porjects featuring various scholars and natives from Middle Eastern countries.
       She obtained a major grant from the California Council for the Humanities for a project on culture of Afghan imigres in northern California entitled "Profiles of Afghanistan." She has secured other CCH grants for Persian and Turkish culture with the performance portion cofunded by California Arts Council. One CAC project was Persian setar master Jelal Zolfanon and Afghan dutar master Izatullah Mujadeddi in concert at at the Middle East Studies Association conference in San Francisco.

Saren GaoWa
      Saren GaoWa was trained at the Shanghai Conservatory of Art and Music and toured internationally with this company for 17 years. She won first place in Chinese National Singing Competition, served as director of vocal music for the Association of Chinese Minority Nationalities and was distinguished member of Chinese Musicians Association and Beijing Society for National Literature and Art Studies. She is a skilled dancer in traditions of China and Mongolia and an exceptional vocalist who knows some 2,000 songs in many languages.

Edie Gordon
      Edie began dancing at age 7, then studied at Christensen Ballet Academy. At the University of Utah, she majored in modern dance, and has performed at Utah Arts Festival, U of U International Night and Middle East Night as well as for concerts in the Bay Area, in Southern California and in Nevada. She performs Persian miniature, Afghan, Uzbek, Tajik, Kurdish, Turkish, Flamenco, etc.


Dr. Miller
Dr. Miller studied Persian and other ethnic traditional music at Centre d'etudes de musique orientale in Paris and Indian music at Ravi Shankar's Kinnara School in California in the 60s. He has authored over 20 books on music of various traditions the most important of which was his PhD dissertation on Persian music and song texts recently published by Curzon Press in London. Miller taught Eastern music at University of Utah beginning in 1966 and at BYU since 1997. He plays over 100 instruments in 12 world traditions and directs Salt City Saints, SwingnJive & L.A. Blues and other bands (jazzscope.com).


Music Repertoire
On ethnic instruments (santur, zarb, dutar, rebab, saz, doira, duduk, etc.)

Mahur, Isfahan, Homayun, Dashti, Segah, Gol-e Gandom, Massom, etc.

Nasro Jan, Ay Jan, Janana, Ozbaki, Shalangi, Logari, Srang Srang Srang, Bsyar Tapidum, Wa Wa Leili, Pashto Landai, Mullah Mahmad Jan, etc.

Turkish & Armenian:

Tamzara, Spoon dance, Uskadar, Tini Mini Hanum, Emir Celal, Aman Avci Vurma Beni, Jairenik, Sepastia Bar, Shirak dance, etc.

Central Asian:
Kharazmi Lazgi, Kulaman, Bahor Vahi, Amu, Maya, Uighur, etc.



Dance Repertoire

Persian miniatures (Isfahan, Mahur, Shur), Azerbaijani, Qashqai, Kurdish, Khorasani, etc.

Shalangi, Raqs-e Chobazi, Atan, Logari, Kaboli, etc.

Turkish & Armenian:
Black Sea (Kara Deniz), Jairenik, Sepastia Bar, etc.

Central Asian/Asian
Khwarazmi Lazgi, Bokhara, Tajik teapot dance, Uighur solo, Mongolian, etc.

Flamenco, Tarentella, Lebanese Dabka, Israeli, etc.

      In 1999, Eastern Arts obtained an NEA Arts Reach grant to take their successful music and dance assembly/residency project to far corners of Utah where schools have few opportunities to learn about Persian, Afghan, Central Asian and Mongolian dance and music or Persian rug weaving and the Persian alphabet. The NEA funded project was cosponsored by A.R.T.S. Inc. which was formerly the Utah Young Audiences.

Participation Dances & Music for School Assemblies

Afghan stop dance, Turkish spoons, Syp Simeon sit dance, Persian folk, etc.

Dances Taught in School Residencies

Persian, Afghan, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Basque, French, Dutch, German, Mexican & more

Eastern Arts Golestan Youth Dancers

Golestan dancers at Festival of Living Traditions

Golestan dancers with International Children's Choir
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